Monday, November 21, 2005

The Cookie Crumbles

As always Survivor gets much more interesting once we see double-crossing, lying and backstabbing. Alliances were made to be broken and when they do, it's always good to blindside the victim. Sorry Jamie, as a strong player and one who many expected was unraveling, maybe it was a smart move voting you out. However, I do feel like Stephanie & Rafe made a huge mistake by keeping Gary. The man is slippery and smart and a threat to their chance at a million dollars. Talk about a quarterback sneak.

So hears to you Jamie, for taking it like a man and leaving the game with a good attitude and it's sure going to be interesting when you get your say to those two lucky souls who make it to the end. Funny, for a moment there, I thought that the 'Evil Axis' of six was really going to stay in tack. Silly me.

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