Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Creativity = More Sex

So this should come as no surprise, artists tend to have more sex (this explains a lot). Psychologists at the University of Newcastle and the Open University in England completed a study where the found that professional artists and poets have about twice the amount of partners, as non-creative people.

The study also showed that the average number of partners increases as their creative output went up. The more attention their work garnered, the more appealing the artist's allure, the famous person mentality. Their active sex lives is often tolerated even by long-term partners, because they expect less loyalty and fidelity from them.

The study proved to be both accurate in both male and female artists but doesn't come with a price. It was also concluded that artist and poets tend to have a higher rate of depression (again, this explains a lot). So while creative people tend to have more sex with more partners, we're stuck fighting years of depression. Well, at least we're having fun while we make great art.

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