Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Prime Beef

So on Monday me and James went to see the movie Prime staring Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, and rising star Bryan Greenberg. The best way to describe this movie is an independent film with two viable movie stars. While I was not a fan of the movie, both Uma and Bryan looked amazing. I think there is no bad way to capture Uma on film, this woman is flawless. She embodies what movie stars are truly made of.

As far as Bryan, I had seen him in the movie The Perfect Score, but had not noticed his allure until this movie. Traditionally handsome and downright charming, he's younger man wooing Uma was both realistic (you can see why she would fall for him) and the things fantasies are based on. I predict we will be seeing more of Mr. Greenberg in the near future.

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