Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dog on It

So last nights Westminster was full of excitement, some drama and a few surprises. First up was the Working Dogs Group (those big strong dogs who help on the farm, play guard dog and assist us in daily work) that was won by a very strong looking Rottweiler #15 (Ch Carter's Noble Shake Zulu.)

Following his win, was the Terrier Group (those breed of dogs who hunt and kill all sorts of vermin including rats, foxes, weasels) where I was told to watch out for the Norfolk Terrier (a favorite to win), however it was not meant to be as Colored Bull Terrier #11 (Ch Rocky Top's Sundance Kid) came out on top.

This was the first surprise of the evening as the next group held an even bigger surprise, in the overthrowing of the favored to win Best in Show, Pekingese. The Toy Group (you know those cute little lap dogs) was perhaps the most exciting competition for me last night. The high placing Pekingese that won this class last year was favored to win the whole competition but was overthrown by a tenacious Pug #6 (Ch Kendoric's Riversong Mulroney). Truly inspiring and a fan favorite. Will be interesting to see how the Pug fairs in the Best in Show competition tonight.

The last competition of the night was the Non-Sporting Dogs (dogs who serve mostly as companion animals). While I was hoping for a win by the honey colored French Bulldog, she was beaten by a charming, athletic and beautiful Dalmatian #16 (Ch Merry Go Round Mach Ten). Clearly a crowd favorite and I was happy to see this handsome dog go to the finals.

Tonight promises to be just as exciting with the Hound, Sporting and Herding competition. Not to mention the winner for Best in Show. Stay tuned tomorrow for my recap of tonight's festivities.

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