Friday, February 24, 2006

Wish Upon a Rock Star

So after watching Project Jay on Bravo the other night, I got to thinking what ever happened to other talented reality stars after the cameras stopped rolling. The first person that came to mind was Jordis Unga from Rock Star:INXS. This woman's voice is truly a gift from God and after doing a little snooping came across her website, where I'm happy to report she has signed with Epic records and is scheduled to have a solo album in early 2006. I'm happy to see someone was smart enough to snatch her up after INXS gave her the boot.

It would give me a great amount of pleasure if her album sold better then the last INXS record, with their selected frontman J.D. Fortune. Who is you read my blog during the shows run predicted wouldn't make it to the finals - boy was I ever wrong! But then again, I always seem to disagree with the winners of most of these shows.

So Jordis, I look forward to more music from you and cannot wait to hear the results. Rock on!

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