Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Back

So I'm happy to report, that Survivor is back with a big ole bang. Exile Island, brilliant. Starting with four tribes instead of two, right on. I cannot be happier that everyone seems so jazzed to be in the game. It's easy to pick favorites, however in a game like Survivor, it's best not to get to attached to anyone.

However, I will give props to my girl, Cirie for changing the game in her favor and getting Tina voted out. For a woman who has never spent any extended time outdoors and is afraid of leaves (and those things that live underneath them), to still be standing is nothing more then breathtaking. Not to mention, having the lumberjill, a woman born to play this game, eliminated - brilliant. Keep up the smart game-playing Cirie. I just hope that when the tribes merge into two next week, that you are kept around longer, so I can enjoy your bright personality, killer smile and good natured humor. Keep a head up and watch your back.

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