Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tell Me Something Good

Westminster recap day two:
What a good evening of entertainment and sportsmanship. Each dog that won their group was stunning but after the smoke cleared it was the Colored Bull Terrier #11 (Ch Rocky Top's Sundance Kid) better known as Rufus who was victorious and won Best in Show.

The evening started with a big bang when the Sporting Group took the field (you know those dogs that assist hunters and collect game). After tight competition, the crowd favorite Golden Retriever #15 (Ch Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel) beat out the Irish Setter and Cocker Spaniel to claim the win.

Next up, were the Hounds (which need no explanation), where a beautiful bitch Scottish Deerhound #10 (Ch Thistlegelen Margot) triumphed over fellow bitches the Saluki and Whippet. Talk about fierce competition.

Finally, the final group of the evening Herding (you know those dogs who keep sheep and cattle in line) took the stage. Where victory came to another crowd favorite Old English Sheepdog #25 (Ch Bugaboos Big Resolution). You could almost hear the Disney executives excitement for a possible victory and tie-in for their up-coming Tim Allen remake.

Alas, Rufus made sure to keep those same executives cursing by his strong showing and victory. His victory also marks him as the first Colored Bull Terrier to win Best in Show at Westminster. Congratulations to all the dogs for an entertaining evening and see you all again next year. For photographs of the winners and more coverage, go to the Westminster site.

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